Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Purpose Driven Madness

"You're here in my apartment for some reason," she told him, saying he might be destined to be caught and to spread the word of God to fellow prisoners. She told him his escape from authorities had been a "miracle."

--The Fox News account of Ashley Smith's hostage situation with Brian Nichols

Ashley Smith did a great thing this past weekend. She talked a killer into turning himself over to authorities. The people of Atlanta were grateful as they rested easy on Saturday night.

I wasn't going to say anything about it because she did something that I could never do. I would have absolutely freaked out, lost control, done anything except remain calm when brought face to face with someone that had raped and killed so many.

But isn't this a classic case of over-christianizing something? A sample of how we try to fit God into who we need him to be, rather than allowing him to be who he is?

Why would God destine someone to kill and then be caught so that he can save fellow prisoners? I doubt the family of the immigration worker that was murdered Friday night thinks it's a miracle that Nichols escaped authorities Friday morning.

Talk about a twisted view of "The Purpose Driven Life."

Why do we insist on explaining everything? Why can't we just accept a fallen world? I swear, the way we as Christians talk most of the time, it's no wonder that people are continuously turned away.

It's a miracle that the 51-year-old guard survived. It's a miracle that more weren't injured. It's a miracle that Nichols surrendered peacefully. It's a miracle that Ashley Smith is alive and uninjured today.

As far as God's role in all of this, I can guess at a few. He is the Protector of those that are safe, the Comforter of those who lost loved ones and, ironically, the Final Judge of Brian Nichols.

Ashley Smith has much more compassion than I do for people like Brian Nichols. I find that very admirable, since she lost a husband four years ago after he was stabbed to death. I would guess that she has extended the same grace to that person.

Yeah, I admire her. Because I'm still trying to come to terms with fear and forgiveness for a man that's been behind bars in Illinois for nearly twenty years.


  • I can see where you're coming from and share your view that some Christians attribute things to God too freely. In spite of that though, hopefully this story encourages many to re-evaluate their lives and turn to God.

    By Blogger thebloke, at 1:42 AM  

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